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Lala Apocalypse by RaineKitty
Lala Apocalypse
My hand hurts so bad right now. But I finished! With a day to spare. Large version is with SE now. Wish my wrist recovery from spending the past 5 days drawing this nonstop.

Tumblr link:…

I ask that you do not share this on reddit, as it will be shared in the next few days by me. 
Pricing - 9/30/2014 by RaineKitty
Pricing - 9/30/2014

$25 Icon
$30 Black and white
$50 Celshade
$55 Complex sig(semi painting)
$60 Painting


Cartoony Sketch no Background: $30
Sketch no background: $35
Sketch with background: $60
Sketch with color : $80-100
Complex sketch: $100-200

Character Turn around:
Sketch: $80-100
Linework: $200-300
Color: 250-350
Celshading: $300-400
Painting: $500-600

Chibi Sketch: $30
Chibi Lineart:$40
Chibi Cel-Shade: $60-100
Chibi Vector: $80-120

Single Image:
Lineart: $70-130(complexity determines price)
Speed-Painting: $200-350
Painting: $300-500
Celshading: $219-300
Celshading with background: $230-350

Simple Vector:$60-100
Semi-complex vector: $100-200
Complex Vector: $200-450

Pencil: $100-150
Flat colors: $320-500
Celshading: $400-550
Painting: $450-600
Colorist: $120-200

This is a very complex thing because it depends on the scene
It can range anywhere from $200-2000+

Please Contact me for Pricing.

Terms of Service:

ALL prints/shipped out items have an additional $30 charge, Yes it costs that much to ship it
out+print...Blame UPS not me. If you plan on having this printed, please let me know so I can
work with the correct paper formatting from the get go.
You can of course print the image yourself, The psd is provided in the
email with the high resolution image.
Please note me on DeviantArt, or email me  at if interested.
You can also visit my website at, there is a contact page it’s...pretty easy to
use. The buyer will be updated with progress weekly, if not faster depending on the artists
workload. All artwork will be completed on a first come first serve case. Works with deadlines
will be charged an additional 5%, 20% if the deadline is within the same month.
Paypal info will be provided upon order. Half the payment is to be done before starting All
things over $100, and the remainder soft-wooded do take multiple payments. Final image will
not be released until it is paid off.

The buyer agrees to not sell, distribute or make any profit from said artwork unless
discussed Prior. At which, the buyer agrees on a pay by the hour method.
This tends to be more pricey however, if you are making more money why shouldn’t I?
All inquiries about volunteer projects will be read, however there is no guarantee I will work on
them. I have the right to deny any commission I find vile, gross, or unsavory. It does take a lot
to weird me out, so don’t try and see where my limit is. Chances are, it won’t weird me out.I have
probably drawn worse, and been paid for it.
Mandyqueen concept by RaineKitty
Mandyqueen concept
I drew a lot of pants for this because I couldn't decide on just 1. That and it looked nice all lined up like this. :)
Whythesehorns by RaineKitty
Please do not reupload!… <---tumblr link

This is why BR and I should not be allowed to skype late at night because we concoct ideas that should never be implemented. Oh god…

tavrisoleriterezepetamzeequiuradikarnayaferi vantamporerketaryamakarmegicapeixahhakeijonitramyrope ….in RMWT style. Please forgive me for actually going through with this joke.

BR…come up with a bio I am laughing to hard. Which is why it was so hard to finish this…cuz everytime I open whythesehorns.psd I broke out in laughter.

She is clearly a superhero will ALL the powers, but is a bit clumsy. Both Heir and Hemogoblin have feelings for her, because how could they not? Also, she gets kidnapped by the Midnight Crew but they also all fall in love with her. As does Dadbert and Crabdad and Sebastian and everyone.
Can I post your stuff on other sites?
    Yes, but you cannot take credit for it, and I'd like you to link back. :)

Can I use your design for something?

   You Can make fanart of my stuff, however, you are not allowed to use ANY of my artwork for profit. You can distribute it online as long as you do not claim it as your own.

What if I do use your stuff for money?

   You will not be a very happy person.

I commissioned you, what rights do I have to the artwork?

    Things you pay for when you commission me:
        -The Art-piece
        -The Copyright that comes with the art-piece
        -A fancy spot on my portfolio

Why your prices?
    Because I actually charge a LOT more, people on DA get a discount price. It has however gotten to the point I am considering charging full price for non-friends because of countless thefts.

The prints on DA are to expensive! Can you sell them to me for cheaper?

    Yes, however since I am handling the shipping+ handling, and printing(which means going to a place that does this), the cheapest I can sell a print is $25.

I drew fanart for you, but you never commented. Do you not love me?

    I love everyone equally, I just get so many messages sometimes I might not notice! Send me a note, I usually check those as soon as I get them, or send me an email at and I'll give you hugs and spaz like an idiot.

Do you have a portfolio website?

Do you do animations for commissions?
    While I do animate, I prefer not to. However, I love storyboarding so...feel free to ask for that. :)

My question wasn't answered. :(

    Ask away! I don't bite. Much.


Julia Serdyuk
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I was born in Klaipėda, Lithuania in 1989, and lived there until I was 5. I speak semi-fluent Russian due to my family.The entire time growing up I loved Disney and drew a lot of my artistic influence from there, though that's changed in recent years as I grew to adopt my own style.
I love story-boarding, concept art, as well as illustration. I know the basics of 3d, and while it is not my favorite thing in the world to do, I appreciate those who can.

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