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Can I post your stuff on other sites?
  90% of the time, the image has a tumblr link attached in the artist comments section. That is the only place I am fine with it being reblogged on. If it is not on a website, please do not post it there. If it doesn't have a tumblr link attached, that means I don't want it on tumblr. Please respect that. 

Can I use your design for something?

   You can make fanart of my stuff, however, you are not allowed to use ANY of my artwork for profit. If you find anything that doesn't look like it wasn't posted by me, send me a note. Also if you do fanart, SEND ME A LINK I WANNA SEE. 

You have a lot of ponys, is there a master post?

I am no longer doing ANY ponys due to constant art theft. I am done. I am really pissed about this- because a lot of it is uncredited.

If you are going to reblog ANY of my pony posts on tumblr, these ARE THE ONLY LINKS WHERE YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO SO.…………………

I am no longer playing games. I am tired of people reposting these on different sites, and I will DMCA your ass. Even credited. I have sent out more the past 2 weeks then ever, so you can just imagine how pissed I am. Seriously. Oh, and the ahole who has posted MORE of my artwork when I told you to stop, you are in for a lot of hurt. 

I notice you're posting a lot of things with "NHEA" in the tag. What is NHEA?
  It's right in the artists comments but...…
  It's a homestuck fanfic I should be ashamed of writing. Having more fun drawing for it than anything.

I commissioned you, what rights do I have to the artwork?
  Things you pay for when you commission me:
  -The Art-piece
  -The Copyright that comes with the art-piece
  (Please note because I am very sick physically commissions can take a lot of time, or be very fast depending on how well I feel.)
You can see my prices here: 

Why your prices?
  Because I actually charge a LOT more, people on DA get a discount price. It has however gotten to the point I am considering charging full price for non-friends because of countless thefts.

The prints on DA are to expensive! Can you sell them to me for cheaper?

  Yes, however since I am handling the shipping+ handling, and printing(which means going to a place that does this), the cheapest I can sell a print is $25.

I drew fanart for you, but you never commented. Do you not love me?

  I love everyone equally, I just get so many messages sometimes I might not notice! Send me a note, I usually check those as soon as I get them, or send me an email at and I'll give you hugs and spaz like an idiot.

Do you have a portfolio website?

Do you do animations for commissions?
  While I do animate, I prefer not to. However, I love storyboarding so...feel free to ask for that. :)

My question wasn't answered. :(

  Ask away! I don't bite. Much.


Julia Serdyuk
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
I was born in Klaipėda, Lithuania in 1989, and lived there until I was 5. I speak semi-fluent Russian due to my family.The entire time growing up I loved Disney and drew a lot of my artistic influence from there, though that's changed in recent years as I grew to adopt my own style.
I love story-boarding, concept art, as well as illustration. I know the basics of 3d, and while it is not my favorite thing in the world to do, I appreciate those who can.

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